Account reconciliation and research fee$20/hr. min 1 hr.
ACH Origination Return Fee$35.00 per item
Administrative Fee (re-opening account)$5.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacement$8.00/per item
ATM/Debit Card Replacement (Rush)$50.00 each
ATM Transaction Fee (non-credit union affiliated)$1.00/each transaction
Cash Advance$5.00/each transaction
Cashier’s Check$5.00/each
CD Minimum Requirement Deposit$1,000.00
Check Cashing Fee if balance is under $100$3.00/per item
Checking Account Minimum Requirement Deposit$100.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Penalty$25.00/per item
Closing Account Fee less than 1 year$20.00
Copy of Paid Credit Union Issued Check$5.00/each
Copy of Paid Share Draft Check$3.00/each
Copy of Quarterly/Monthly Statement$5.00/each
Courtesy Pay (paid up to $300)$35.00 per item
Courtesy Pay One-Time Opt-In$25.00
Credit Review Service Fee$10.00/each
Dormant Account Fee/Quarter (inactivity over 1 year)$10.00/Quarter
Dormant Disposal Fee (final unclaimed property)$25.00
Extreme Checking Account Fee$6.00/monthly
In-house Loan Refinance (no cash out/ rate & term)2% of remaining balance
Incoming Wire Fee$10.00/per item
IRA Minimum Requirement Deposit$50.00
Legal Process Fee (i.e. Garnishment, Levy or Lien)$10.00/each
Loan Deferral Program$30.00/per loan/month
Loan Late FeeGreater of $20 or 5% of payment
Money Market Service Charge – (if balance falls below $2500 during the month)$12.00/monthly
Money Orders – up to $1000$3.50/each
Non-member Loan Workup$20.00/each
Non-Member Notary Fee$5.00/per service
Non-Member On-Us Check Cashing Fee2% of check amount (maximum fee charge of $50.00)
Non-Sufficient Funds Charge (NSF)$35.00/per item
Opportunity Checking Account Fee$7.00/monthly
Opportunity Checking Account one-time opening fee$25.00
Outgoing Wire Fee (Domestic)$20.00/per item
Outgoing Wire Fee (International)$50.00/per item
Overdraft Transfer Fee$3.00/per item
Primary Share Minimum Balance Requirement Deposit$20.00
Rate Modification (Existing Loans)$50.00/per loan
Return Check Fee/1st Party$35.00/per item
Return Mail Fee (incorrect address ; per account)$5.00/per item
Share Draft (90) Service Charge (if balance falls below $500 during the month)$5.00/monthly
Statement delivered to CU (members written request)$5.00/per item
Statement mailed to members$5.00 / quarter
eStatements – online bankingNo charge
Stop Payment Fee$35.00/per item
Temporary Checks4/$2.00 or 12/$5.00
Vacation Club Penalty Fee$25.00/per item
Western Union Fee$20.00/per item
Bill Pay CheckFree RXP is FREE except for services listed below
Maximum Per Payment AmountThe Maximum Per Payment amount is $10,000. The highest dollar amount that can be scheduled “per transaction. This is a Global setting for all CheckFree RXP subscribers and cannot be changed at the subscriber level.
FraudNetThis service monitors your subscribers’ bill pay transactions to mitigate fraud. If FraudNet flags a payment for review, FraudNet generates an alert, and that alert is worked by the Fiserv Fraud Team
Overnight ChecksThe fee $14.95 per transaction. This service allows your subscribers to send payments overnight for a fee. The payment is remitted as a check and is sent via UPS Overnight Delivery. Once remitted, the UPS tracking number is email to the subscriber. 4 pm ET cutoff time for next business day delivery.
Same Day Bill PayThe fee is $9.95 per transaction. This service allows your subscribers to schedule same day payments to select payees for a fee. The payment is remitted electronically and cannot be canceled once scheduled. The subscriber is able to identify within bill pay if their payee accepts same day payments. The cutoff time can be as late as 10 pm ET; however, can vary by biller
Texas People Mastercard Annual Fees
Transaction Fees
Balance Transfer1% or 2.00 minimum and $25.00 maximum
Cash Advance1% or 2.00 minimum and $25.00 maximum
Foreign Transaction1% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Other Fees
Annual FeeNone
Pay by Phone-VIP Line$5.00
Pay by Phone/Email/In-Person at the Credit Union Branch$2.00
Pay OnlineNone
Statement Request$5.00
Credit Card Replacement$8.00
Penalty Fees
Late Payment5% of payment due, $15.00 minimum and $25.00 maximum
Returned Payment$22.00
Effective as of  February 1, 2024 – Fees subject to change at Board discretion


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