Interest Rates Going Up

There may be a better way to manage and pay off debt

Your Debt Can Be Better Handled with Texas People Or There may be a better way to manage and pay off debt After a temporary decline during the pandemi...

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Car Dealership

Car Prices Aren’t Lowering Anytime Soon

Car Prices Aren’t Lowering Anytime Soon Studies show that the recent low supply and high demand for cars have produced high sticker prices. And even a...

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Trading In Car

Trading In? There’s No Better Time

Given the economic reverberations caused by the pandemic, the shortage of computer chips has led to a shortage of new cars. This has had an enormous i...

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Consumer Financial Protection

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Looks Into “buy now, pay later”

Buy Now, Pay later Expected to Set New Records for Lending this Holiday Season But What Part of Your Financial Data Is Being Collected, Or For That Ma...

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Force Financing At Dealerships

Don’t Be Forced At The Car Dealership, To Use Their Financing!!

How does one already navigating lack of available cars and trucks, now have to deal with dealerships financial offices saying you can’t use outside fi...

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buy now pay later graphic

Point-of-Sale Loans vs. Texas People

Money tends to be tighter around the holiday season. And although it may be a financial stretch to get the perfect gift for that special someone, many...

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Home Appreciation Blog Picture

Understanding Your Home’s Equity Appreciation Is Important

The American Dream is homeownership, providing families with a place that is their own and an avenue for building wealth over time. The “wealth” is bu...

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Micro Chip Blog

Semiconductor shortage: Low supply of chips impact auto, electronics

The microchip shortage explained: How it’s impacting car prices and the tech industry. As the U.S. economy rebounds from its pandemic slump, the compu...

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Back To School Blog

A New Phase For Back To School—The Great Catch-Up

Are schools set to attack lost learning? This pandemic year—when so many children fell so far behind, when stu-dents dropped off the radar, when teach...

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Dallas-Fort Worth Housing Market In 2021 Picture

Dallas-Fort Worth Housing Market In 2021

With the growth of many cities in Texas, there is a high demand for housing. This booming economy drives home value along with rent prices. In fact if...

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